Bill of Materials

Component Quantity Needed
Head Segment (laser cut) 1
Body Segments (laser cut) 4
Segment Supports (laser cut) 10
Head Cover (laser cut) 1
Front Sensor Mount (3D Printed) 1
Sensor Mounting Blanks (3D Printed) 2
9V Battery Holder (3D Printed) 1
0.375" #4-40 (10mm M3x.5) Bolts with Nuts 40
0.75" #8-32 (20mm M4x.7) Bolts with Nylon Locking Nuts 4
2" #8-32 (50mm M4x.7) Bolts with Keps Nuts 2
#8 (M4) Washers 12
DC Motors 10
8" Zip Ties 20
1"x1" Anti-slip Mat Squares 10
0.875" Long, 0.5" Diameter Rubber Stoppers 10
Motor Wiring Harnesses 2
Control Electronics
Arduino UNO Compatible Microcontroller 1
HC-08 Bluetooth Module 1
Sensor Port Shield 1
Cytron MDD10A Motor Driver 1
2x3 AA Battery Pack 1
Battery Extension 1
9V Battery Snap 1
Elastic Band 1
Antenna Sensors 2
Mini Breadboard 1
Jumper Wires Misc
Arduino Mounting Plate (3D Printed) 1
Motor Driver Mounting Plate (3D Printed) 1
#4 Self-tapping Screws 8
0.375" #4-40 (10mm M3x.5) Bolts with Nuts 8

CAD files and schematics available below


CAD Files

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Smartphone App

The official Make-A-Pede app allows you to easily control your Make-A-Pede using your smartphone or tablet. It connects to your robot over Bluetooth and interfaces with the Make-A-Pede Arduino library. The app also gives you quick access to this website.